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Name: Lina

Pronouns: she/her (sie auf Deutsch)

hi every1 im new!!!!!!! *holds up spork* my name is Lina but u can call me t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m!!!!!!!! lol... as u can see im very random!!!! thats why i came here, 2 meet random ppl like me ^_^... im [REDACTED] years old (im mature 4 my age tho!!) i like 2 watch football w/ my girlfreind (im bi if u dont like it deal w/it) Liverpool are our favorite football team!!! bcuz they are SOOOO random!!!! shes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!! lol... neways i hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!! DOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--- me bein random again ^_^ hehe…toodles!!!!!

love and waffles,

t3h PeNgU1N oF d00m

Country: United Kingdom

Hello Lina️,
Your account, liminalitaet, has been wiped out for no reason.
Just kidding, it was for:
Violating our rules against being nasty to blue checks.
You may not throw sticks, stones or say mean words to verified accounts on the basis of being obnoxious, sexually attracted to potatoes or getting on your nervy wervies.
Note that if you attempt to talk to your mutuals and friends again by creating new accounts, we will crush them through pure spite. If you wish to appeal this suspension, please contact our support team.

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