huel part 1

i bought a box of huel, after a few weeks (to years) of deliberation, because i was looking for something that was both filling and that i was able to take with me on the bus. quite a few times i have left home for work having eaten nothing but maybe a slice of unbuttered toast and half a cup of coffee. i was able to ask a friend of mine, who incidentally i met on twitter through another friend because they had a huel discount code, for £10 off; fifty pounds is a pretty big outlay for something like this and the potentially grim implication is that you’re gonna have to replace a lot of your meals and spending on food with it to make it worthwhile (and not run out of money).


the first thing i noticed was that their delivery turnaround is ridiculous. i placed my order at 6, it was on it’s way at 10 past midnight, DPD had it 40 minutes later, it was in carnforth by the morning and I received the parcel before 12 the following day, so a 17 hour turnaround overnight from london Tring! to a fairly remote part of north west england, is fairly impressive.


black womens huel t-shirt

their free t-shirt is really nice. i got a women’s medium size and even the capped sleeves fit me well. i really like wearing fitted t-shirts after having worn lots of baggy stuff as a boy. uwu.

shaker bottle

a clear huel shaker bottle

the only real gripe i have with this bottle is that the top on it doesn’t really have any obvious place to go while you’re drinking out of it. i have tried to use the top piece as a sieve for chunky bits in the powder. it does not work. don’t replicate my experiment because you will get powder everywhere.

the main event baby

huel insist you get two bags of powder, so i took their recommendation of vanilla and chocolate and of them, vanilla is definitely the nicest. chocolate huel tends to congeal in the bag into chunks and it doesn’t taste all that nice the first time but i have already got used to it. but vanilla is just… vanilla. i can’t really find a better way to describe it. at the end of the day they are both nice but if i were to buy another box of huel i would sooner swap out chocolate than vanilla. perhaps for mint chocolate.

the only thing i dont quite like about the huel experience is feeling like i need to consoom some form of carbohydrate. supposedly carbs are bad for me but im not ready to accept that i should eliminate a useful food group from my diet.

has it made me do funny poos

no. not yet at least.

to be continued. possibly.